Visiting By Air

Compton Abbas

Runway information

  • Arrivals

    Circuit altitude 1800 ft on QNH

    Standard Overhead Join 2800 ft on QNH

    Runway 08: Please avoid flying below the required glide path on the final approach due to local wind conditions.

    Runway 26: Normal approach.

    Rotary Traffic: Join long-final (5 miles) for the active runway, giving way to established circuit traffic.

  • Turbulence

    Turbulence may be encountered on both runways (especially when the wind has a southerly component in excess of 8-10 knots). Do not allow the aircraft to fly below a normal glide path or enter an unstable approach state. Such approaches will place the aircraft in the worst of the turbulent air and will result in a touchdown point well along the runway length.

  • Surface conditions

    We can become waterlogged during prolonged and very poor weather. Soft field conditions are often prevalent during winter.

    Please adhere to the following in order to keep the runway serviceable: use the minimum amount of braking applicable to the aircraft’s landing performance requirements, taxi slowly, and execute large radius turns on the field. Braking in excess of that required for landing performance, on a soft field, can cause damage to a level where the runway may need to be declared unserviceable.

  • Takeoff

    When the conditions are soft you will need to use the correct ‘soft field’ take-off technique from your AFM/POH, along with the scheduled weight & balance and performance calculations. Remember that your take-off run will be much longer in these conditions. If directed by the Ops Team, please use either left-hand or right-hand side of the runway (within the runway edge markers) in order to avoid the worst affected areas, and relieve the runway’s surface.

  • Departures

    Runway 08: As soon as practicable but not below 200 feet AGL and on passing the end of the runway, turn left in order to avoid over flying Hatts Barn Farmhouse.

    Runway 26: As soon as practicable but not below 200 feet AGL and on passing the end of the runway, turn right in order to cross the top of the Melbury Hill. Avoid over flying any part of Compton Abbas village.

  • Landing fees & overnight parking

    Landing Charges are: £15 for any standard light aircraft (this includes microlights, flexwing, and autogiros), £20 twin. Larger aircraft price on request. Overnight stays are £20 per night. Touch and go landings are charged £15 each. For visiting aircraft, the last accepted arrival is at 16.45 Local Time, before Ops close. Departures are permitted after operational hours, with pilots aware that there is no A/G radio, fuel, or fire cover available.

  • Weather

  • Runway webcams

  • Overseas Arrival and Departures

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